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Pool Surface Preparation

Existing pools require abrasive blasting to the old deteriorating interior surface prior to the application of a new interior lining. Marblesheen, painted, quartzon, tiled and existing pebblecrete surfaces are all suitable for abrasive blasting. The abrasive blasting process removes any of the old unsound lining and provides a key for the new surface to create a strong bond for a longer lasting pool interior.

Concrete Etching

A popular finish to concrete paths, driveways and feature walls is abrasive blasting. This will remove the top few millimeters of the existing concrete to expose the aggregate and provide a modern surface. Abrasive blasting to concrete will also enhance the slip resistance of the surface.  With the use of stencils all types of patterns can be created. New and existing concrete is suitable for this process.

Steel Blasting

All types of steel can be abrasive blasted. With existing steel that is fixed in place and has deteriorated due to enviroment or pool maintainence can be efficiently treated by abrasive blasting to remove rust and other surface contaminants. This allows for the new application of surface treatments and painting to increase the lifespan of the steel which in many cases can save ongoing expensive repair costs.

General Paint Removal

Most existing surfaces can be abrasive blasted to remove previously applied paint or membrane coatings. The process can be carried out on both internal and external areas. Existing painted buildings, walls, plaster surfaces or membranes can be effectively blasted to revove the old surface and prepare for the application of new finishes.

Render and Brick Preparation

For existing brick and render surfaces that require renovating or resurfacing the abrasive blasting process is the most effective and time efficient way to prepare the surface to enable any new finishes to be applied for a permanent solution. There are all types of brick and rendered surfaces that have been painted with various coatings over time. To enable the resurfacing of these areas it is important to remove the old coating by abrasive blasting to ensure the new application will bond permanetly to the underlying surface.

Old Timber Blasting

Existing timbers that have been painted or have staining and even fire damage can be efficiently blasted to remove the old coatings leaving the original timbers as new. The abrasive blasting process is used extensively in old warehouse type applications where it was usual to construct buildings with heavy hardwood timbers used in the roof trusses, posts and beams that have had many coats of paint applied to the original timbers over the years.

Sandstone Rejuvenation

Sydney sandstone has been used in all types of building and landscaping projects around Sydney over the last 200 years. Over this time some of the old sandstone has had paint and other coatings applied over the original sandstone spoiling the natural character of the stone. Abrasive blasting can easily remove years of paint and other contaminates from the stone surface and leave the stone looking like new again.